“WILLY – Betrayal of the Chancellor”

Archive Producer

Documentary series 4 x 30 min. / Documentary 90 min.
Director: Sandra Naumann, Jan Peter
Production: DOKFILM

Now online in the ARD media library!

50 years ago, on May 6, 1974, Willy Brandt resigned. The West German chancellor fell over the Guillaume affair. His advisor Günter Guillaume had been exposed as a GDR spy. A feast for the press and his “party friends”. The four-part documentary series “WILLY – Betrayal of the Chancellor” by ARD reconstructs the most serious espionage affair in the Federal Republic of Germany – from a woman’s perspective.

Picture source: ARD

“Terra X History: Our Soccer Heroes”

Archive Producer

Director: Tom Müller, Heike Nelsen
Production: Tom & Perla Medienmanufaktur

Now online in the ZDF media library!

Every era has its heroes. This is especially true of soccer. “Terra X History” tells the story of six great soccer legends: from Fritz Walter to Bastian Schweinsteiger. Shortly before the 2024 European Football Championship, “Terra X History” looks back at German footballers who made history: Their greatest successes and their failures often stand for the life of an entire generation and are a reflection of their time.

Picture source: ZDF/Brand New Media


“The Girl from Köln”

Archive Producer

Feature film
Director: Ido Fluk
Production: One Two Films

“The Girl from Köln” tells the unique and stirring true story of the rebellious 17-year-old Vera Brandes, who self-confidently and passionately puts everything on the line to achieve her goal: Against her parents’ will and at her own risk, she books the Cologne Opera House to bring Keith Jarrett to Cologne for a concert in January 1975, thus making music history!

Picture source: One Two Films