As an archive producer, I provide archive research, rights clearance and budget control for documentaries and feature films. Past work included productions for ARD, ZDF, ARTE and cinema distribution.

I know how to illustrate historical moments and personal stories from all over the world with the right sources. My special expertise: I’ve worked extensively with the archives of the German public broadcasts (television and radio) as well as the German Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv).

I also offer workshops on archive producing for filmmakers, production companies and editorial teams.

I’m a member of GRAP, the German Researchers and Archive Producers e.V.

“The Big Terra X Review of the Year”

Documentary 45 Min.
Director: Juri Köster
Production: Caligari Entertainment

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Experts Harald Lesch, Jasmina Neudecker and Mirko Drotschmann look back at the crises and controversies of 2023 as well as new findings from the world of science. They show images and news from the realm of science whose significance is not immediately obvious. “The Big Terra X Review of the Year” poses the question: Which events, developments and discoveries will continue to shape life in the future?

Picture source: ZDF

“Roy Lichtenstein – How Pop Art Revolutionized Art”

Documentary 52 Min.
Director: Christian Bettges
Production: Vincent Productions

Roy Lichtenstein would have been 100 years old on October 27, 2023. He is one of the fathers of Pop Art and is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. With the help of experts and companions of the late Lichtenstein, the documentary asks what was revolutionary about his art.

Picture source: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, photograph by Bernard Gotfryd, LC-DIG-gtfy-02185

“Everyone writes by themselves”

Documentary 170 Min.
Cinema Distribution
Director: Dominik Graf
Production: Lupa Film

In 2022, author Anatol Regnier published a book that looks at the lives and work of writers in Nazi Germany. In collaboration with Regnier, Dominik Graf, Constantin Lieb (author) and Felix von Boehm (producer) adapted the book of the same name and translated it into an almost three-hour, polyphonic essay film that meticulously examines the contradictory biographies of German writers Hans Fallada, Gottfried Benn, Erich Kästner, Ina Seidel and Will Vesper.

Archiv Producer für Dokumentarfilm "Jeder schreibt für sich allein"


Two-part feature film 2 x 90 Min.
Director: Nicole Weegmann
Production: Neue Schönhauser Filmproduktion

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Almost half a century ago, a young woman dared to speak out publicly with trenchant theses on gender roles and abortion laws. The reactions were fierce. Decades before the invention of the internet, Alice Schwarzer provoked the first major misogynist shitstorm in the history of West Germany. To this day, the mention of her name is followed by controversial and emotional reactions. The film “Alice” tells the story of how an unknown 21-year-old German develops into a personality who provokes the fiercest controversies and yet continues to go her own way undeterred.

Picture source: rbb / Alexander Fischerkoesen